No technical skills required aucune compétence technique No hardware installed in your network
No change on your workstations

several times a day

Virus and spams
are blocked upstream by several antivirus softwares

95% détection
False positives
close to 0%

Anti-spam anti-virus SaaS solution

No new hardware to install, no changes on your workstations

Your mail server is hidden. Hackers could not attack your SMTP port anymore

your emails
All your mail boxes are protected. You will not receive spams or viruses

High availability, Gigabit Internet connection. Installs in minutes

Our solution is a SaaS software :
It is installed between the Internet and your mail server
and acts has a filtering gateway.

It eliminates over 95% of spams and viruses before they reach your mailbox.

Ideal solution for any kind of business :
Contractors, Tradesmen, Craftsmen,
Medium business and Multinationals.

Our product works whatever the mail server you own :

Your Internet bandwidth is saved,
spams and viruses are treated upstream,
protection is transparent,
you can focus completely on your business.

Technical support by email or phone,
maximum response time of 24 hours at the latest.

Starting at 49,00 /month (excluding VAT)
for 1 domain name and 100 mailboxes
Without commitment

Contact us by email for more information