Improve 0-day malware detection up to 90% augmentez la détection Our signatures rely on real malwares found on Internet including Locky, TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall, Cryptolocker, and other Ransomwares



Very low
false positives

Protection of your servers

Antispam signatures are included. Over 90 % of spam is detected !

Detect malwares dropped within you webserver including Javascript, PHP, Iframes, Includers, ...

Surf being protected from information leakage, hostile javascripts and other HTML exploits

Protect your workstations against 0-day malwares including Locky, TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall, Cryptolocker, and other Ransomwares

Whatever your operating system, our signatures are compatible with the existing ports of Clamav

Supported OS
Compatible with
Who make these signatures ?
Arnaud Jacques, official sigmaker of Clamav from 2005 to 2012. ClamAV Community Signature contest winner for May, 2016

How much does it cost ?
Not more expensive than a desktop antivirus
A free version (30-day malwares) is available

Basic Pro Gold Resellers
Number of IP addresses permitted to download 1 10 50 Unlimited
More than three millions signatures
Daily update
Works with Clamav, Clamwin, and ClamXav
30-days malwares (malwares from 2012 until last month)
0-day malwares (malwares from 2012 until today) Choose this subscription if you want maximum protection
Fast Download
Free customer support
Subscription for resellers : Business usage of our signatures. Use them in your own appliances !
Price (VAT excluded) Free 29.90 € / year 99.00 € / year 1499.00 € / year

Compare our signatures with the competitors

Number of signatures Malwares detection ? Generic signatures ?
SecuriteInfo 4.000.000 Yes Yes
SaneSecurity 300.000 Yes Yes
ScamNailer 50.000 Yes Yes
Porcupine 35.000 Yes Yes
Linux Malware Detect 10.000 Yes No
CRDF 5.000 Yes No
Bofhland 2.500 Yes Yes
Malware Expert 1.500 Yes Yes

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